Comparing to other European countries, Slovenia is among those with the most preserved nature and the highest biodiversity, which reflects also in the size of its Natura 2000 network. Our Institute carries out the public service of nature conservation with the emphasis on the most valuable natural features and the biodiversity constituents. We follow the Slovene Nature Conservation Act while taking in account the European nature conservation directives. The National Nature Protection Action Plan as a part of the National Environmental Action Plan is the framework which we, in accordance with the available resources, implement in our annual working plans. As counsellors of nature we strive for a balanced use of natural resources, so that a healthy compromise is reached between the necessary development and the awareness that goods and natural assets are limited. We spread the understanding that all the human activities in nature are connected and interwoven, and the spirit of cooperation with all stake-holders. We promote the nature-friendly approach in tourism and recreation. We report on our work regularly, promptly inform public about our activities, and educate on the importance of preserved nature for the existence of human kind. We are open to your questions and suggestions.


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